Biography: The Assurer provides consulting & services for corporate, professional and individual clients. Typical tasks involve matters relating to the Internet, Information Assurance/Security/Privacy and Systems Engineering.

Areas Of Experience: The Assurer has over 20 years of career experience, covering a broad range of subject areas –  Information & Computer Security; Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment; Project Management; Evaluation, Audit & Compliance; Security & Human Resource Investigations; Ethics; Requirements Management; Network Infrastructure; Systems Analysis; Training; Information Warfare; Technical Writing; Quality Assurance; Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning; Classified Material Management; Systems Design & Engineering; Change & Configuration Management; Software Design & Programming; Business Intelligence; Technical Support & Help Desk Management; Business Metrics; Website Design & Implementation. He also holds a DoD Facility Security Officer (FSO) certificate.

The Assurer draws upon his cornucopia of knowledge and experience, in order to achieve the best outcome for his clients.  His years of experience working on classified government programs, has given him the ability and insight to perform tasks, with discretion and confidentiality.

Rates: The following “Standard Rates” are for information, goods and services, available through TheAssurer.com website and The Assurer.  Other rates are available, based upon the nature and complexity of client requests.

Schedule Of Standard Rates***

Account Type Billing

Billable Hours

Contract By contract By contract By contract


By contract *Earned retainer By contract


Prepaid hours

Free, initial consultation. Prepaid billable hours may be purchased at $300 each.

Deposit required
**Incidentals do not include material costs, which will be due upon invoice. ***Rates are noninclusive.
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