Information cannot be obtained, copied, used or disclosed; without proper authorization.

U.S. security classification taxonomies

Detailed description of the United States security classification taxonomies, in the areas of national security, national interests and homeland security.

The fallacy of Unclassified information

The common belief by the public, about Unclassified information; is that it is harmless, general knowledge; available to anyone, and is of little or no strategic value. Contrary to this belief, the term “Unclassified” refers to information that possesses one or more of the following attributes…

What to know about Need-To-Know

Need-To-Know (NTK) is a security concept with military origins. In computer security, it’s called the principle of least-privilege. And in the field of security engineering, it’s called security through obscurity. A less than polite definition; which I’m sure everyone can relate to is: making it your business to ensure that everyone working for, around, or with you, is minding their own business.