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Users are granted access to website, subject to the following Terms & Conditions (last updated on February 16, 2011).

These Terms & Conditions apply only to website, and are separate from all other agreements and contracts. Refers to the website whose Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is  The website uses encrypted (SSL) browser connections, to ensure user privacy.  The use of encryption is illegal in some countries such as France, Russia, Iraq and Pakistan; without a government permit.  If you can establish an SSL connection with, it is presumed that you are in compliance with your country’s encryption laws.

WARNING: If you are in a country where SSL connections are not illegal, and you are unable to establish an SSL connection with; it is a strong indicator that your network activities are being monitored, because monitoring software is unable to intercept SSL connections.

User: Refers to an identifiable human being who accesses; in order to obtain information, goods and services.  Users are either unregistered or registered.

Unregistered: Refers to a user, who has not been granted login credentials for

Registered: Refers to a user, who has been granted login credentials for

Login credentials: Allow registered users to obtain information, goods and services from according to a user’s account type.  Intentional, fraudulent or malicious obtainment; of information, goods and services outside the boundaries of a user’s account type are violations of USC Title 18, Section 1030.  Login credentials consist of one username and one password, that are paired.  Registered users are granted one set of login credentials apiece.  Login credentials are subject to periodic audits, to determine if they have been abandoned.  Login credentials are considered abandoned; if they have not used for more than  120 consecutive days, if they were granted gratis; or if the user to whom they were granted is subscribed to an account type that is in arrears.  Abandoned login credentials may be revoked without notification.

Username: Refers to the name by which a registered user identifies themselves to  Each username is associated with one user profile on and one electronic mail (e-mail) address; by which the user can be contacted.  Login credentials cannot be granted, unless a valid and confirmed e-mail address is provided.  As consideration for being granted login credentials, registered users give their implied consent to receiving electronic correspondence; on behalf of and “The Assurer.”  Users who do not maintain the accuracy of the e-mail address in their user profile, may have their login credentials revoked without notification.

Password: Refers to a confidential string of keyboard characters, known only to a registered user and the computer system upon which operates.  The password is the means by which a user authenticates their username to  Each registered user is accountable for the confidentiality of their own password. If a user’s password becomes compromised, it is the user’s responsibility to change their password.  Users are wholly accountable for unauthorized obtainment of information, goods and services that may occur if their password is compromised.  Passwords are subject to periodic audits, to determine their “strength.”  Users may be advised that their password is “weak,” and that a “stronger” password should be chosen.  This advisement, regrading the strength or weakness of a password, does not depreciate a user’s accountability for maintaining the confidentiality of their password.

Profile: Refers to a record of information, associated with each registered user.  User profiles are subject to periodic audits, to determine their accuracy.  Registered users may be asked to confirm, provide, update or correct information contained in their profile.  Failure to reasonably comply may result in the revocation of a user’s login credentials without notification.  “The Assurer” has the implicit right to update, correct or moderate information contained in a user’s profile.

Account Type: Refers to whether or not a user is unregistered, or registered and the level of information, goods and services the user is granted.

Password Strength: Refers to a password’s resistance to being discovered, through unauthorized means.  Password strength is relatively measured from “weak” to “strong.”

Moderation: Refers to the practice of screening user contributed material, before allowing it to appear on a website.  Feedback may be occasionally solicited in the form of user comments, to material appearing on  All comments will undergo moderation.  “The Assurer” reserves the right to select which moderated comments will publicly appear on  Users who contribute comments are wholly accountable for ensuring they are in compliance with any non-disclosure agreements that bind them.

Consent To Data Collection: For reasons related to performance and correct technical operation of, all users give their implied consent to the collection of usage statistics.  These statistics may be later aggregated and used to create business metrics.  It is technically infeasible to grant users the option of not consenting, to the collection of usage statistics.

These Terms & Conditions are noninclusive, and may be modified or updated as required; to the benefit of and “The Assurer.”

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