Ramifications of smart-phone security problems, Droid or otherwise

In the time since TechCrunch and The Washington Post covered my disclosure of the Droid pattern lock bypass, I have been asked about the implications of this flaw for Motorola Droid owners.

The ability for someone to bypass the Droid’s pattern lock is a security flaw.  However, its effect is in the area of privacy; or “the right to be left alone.”  It is more likely that a nosy spouse or lover will be going through the contents of your phone, than any cyber-criminals.  Just ask Chris Brown and Tiger Woods.  Their problems both allegedly involved an unsecured cell phone.

Your kids, significant other, etc. already know your phone number.  Better hope they don’t read The Washington Post or TechCrunch!  Because they represent the biggest danger to Droid owners right now, followed by stalkers and paparazzi, and then cyber-criminals.

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