A (temporary) countermeasure for the Verizon Droid pattern lock bypass

It has been observed that, as long as a Bluetooth device is paired, AND CONNECTED, to the Droid; the pattern lock bypass vulnerability does not occur.  This has only been verified with devices using the headset, hands free accessory and stereo Bluetooth profiles.

So while driving your Lamborghini or SUV, if your significant other is in the back seat trying to get into your phone, you are okay as long as you have your Bluetooth headset running!  But remember, this is only a band-aid solution.  The instant you turn off your headset, or something interferes with the Bluetooth connection; you will once again be unprotected.

This also explains why some people were unable to recreate the effects of the bypass vulnerability.  They probably had their Bluetooth headsets turned on.

P.S. Don’t wander more than 30 feet from your phone!

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