Waging Information Warfare over KB971033

New updates are available.

The other day, I discussed the potential risk for accidental installation of KB971033, the so-called “voluntary” Windows Activation Technologies Update for Windows 7.

You will be reminded every day, about the "voluntary update."

If you decline to “volunteer” for the update, I have observed that every day you can expect to see a “nag screen” from Windows Update.  In this example, the user is told there is 1 important update.  Off to the side, it indicates that “No updates are currently selected.”  Users are most likely to ignore the fact that “No updates are currently selected,” and simply click on the “1 important update is available” link.

Gaslighting users into installing KB971033.

Clicking on the link will show the semi-detailed list of pending updates.  As I previously discussed, a situation is created in which unsuspecting users may be misled into thinking they made “one too many mouse clicks.”  Not only is this classic “gaslighting,” it is also a primary goal of Information Warfare.

In a home or office setting, where many people with administrator privileges share the same computer; it is inevitable that somebody will accidentally install the “voluntary update.”  It is for this reason that I have revised the previously assessed risk for accidental installation of KB971033 to “high.”

For the majority of users who allow Windows Update to automatically download and install changes on their computers, they will not be affected.  But if you believe that your explicit knowledge and consent is required, in order to affect changes to your computer; Microsoft has declared Information Warfare on you.

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