Caveat on Verizon Droid 2.1-update1 OTA update lock pattern fix

This morning, my Motorola Droid finally received the much anticipated Over The Air (OTA) software update (version 2.1-update1) from Verizon Wireless.  So, is the Verizon Droid pattern lock bypass fixed?  Yes.  But there is one little caveat…

In order for the “improved pattern lock functionality” [Verizon's wording] to take effect, you must first POWER DOWN THE PHONE and then turn it back on.

After the 2.1-update1 software was installed, the phone did a warm boot, and returned to the lock screen.  I immediately called the phone, and was surprised to find the lock pattern bypass was still working.  After two more tries, I decided to turn off the phone and when I turned it back on the “improved functionality,” aka “security fix” was in effect.

Because the main difference between a warm and cold boot, is the powering down of the phone’s hardware; I speculate that this anomaly is caused by one or more uninitialized variables or structures in the Android 2.1 software.  If such conditions exist, the Android software may be vulnerable to future exploits.

The majority of people, during the course of a normal day, will turn off their phone at some point.  And when they turn their phone back on, the security fix will take effect.  Others like myself, are in the habit of leaving their phone on 24/7; even while the batteries are being charged.  In such cases, it may be days or weeks before the security fix takes effect.

Turn your phone off, and back on, in order to ensure the security fix takes effect.

Verizon Droid pattern lock bypass

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