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What to know about Need-To-Know

Need-To-Know (NTK) is a security concept with military origins. In computer security, it’s called the principle of least-privilege. And in the field of security engineering, it’s called security through obscurity. A less than polite definition; which I’m sure everyone can relate to is: making it your business to ensure that everyone working for, around, or with you, is minding their own business.

Pirates versus Internet Service Providers

Court orders ISP to disconnect The Pirate Bay from the Internet. But the lack of an adequate Disaster Recovery and Contingency Plan (DRCP) left it unprepared for what happened next.

Website Terms & Conditions

Users are granted access to website, subject to the following Terms & Conditions…

Police dispatchers believe what they see on TV

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, residents in the 90210 ZIP code that contain portions of Los Angeles, complained the LAPD sometimes ignored calls for assistance because…

Hello world!

Every great site begins with a first step.