All articles from: September, 2009

Legislation of software design

The Informed P2P User Act (HR 1319) makes it illegal for P2P software to inadvertently share files over a P2P network without a user’s knowledge.

Mitigating social network data leaks

Data leaks on social networking sites allow web surfing behavior to be tracked by third parties.

U.S. security classification taxonomies

Detailed description of the United States security classification taxonomies, in the areas of national security, national interests and homeland security.

The fallacy of Unclassified information

The common belief by the public, about Unclassified information; is that it is harmless, general knowledge; available to anyone, and is of little or no strategic value. Contrary to this belief, the term “Unclassified” refers to information that possesses one or more of the following attributes…